Alex McKay, Winemaker

0417 810 594

Collector Wines has purchased grapes from a number of Tumbarumba growers for many years for its Tumbarumba range which includes Tiger Tiger Chardonnay, and Tumbarumba Pinot Meunier.

Collector’s winemaker Alex McKay is very familiar with the Tumbarumba wine region, having worked with growers across the district since the early 2000s. Working as winemaker for Hardys’ flagship winery in the Canberra District really developed his knowledge of the Tumbarumba wine regions, climate, soils and vineyards. Alex works with a range of growers and sites across the Tumbarumba region to produce the Tiger Tiger Chardonnay as well as other Tumbarumba-labelled wines, always working with the best parcels to craft wines that perfectly express their variety and place.