Robert and Heather Johansen, Tom and Helle Southwell


90 Black Range Road, Tumbarumba NSW 2653

Johansen Wines

Contact: Tom Southwell – 0424 689 492

Elevation: 710m

Soil Profile: Basalt, composed of iron-magnesium rich minerals (olivine and pyroxene) and feldspar rich in calcium and sodium and weathers to a thick, nutrient rich, deep red, clayey soil.

Varieties: Chardonnay and Pinot Noir Trellis System: VSP spur pruned

Orientation: North/South(Chardonnay), East/West (Pinot Noir)

Aspect: South Eastern

Planting Density: 1984 plants per hectare

Wines: Johansen Wines, Clonakilla, Nick O’Leary, Ravensworth, Dionysus, McWilliams and Collector.